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Indoor Camp Information

Any graduating or graduated players interested in playing for the Regina Thunder Football Club – we will be holding four Indoor Camps at the Moose Jaw Indoor Soccer Facility. Due to CoVID you must register online through our recruit portal and then you will be sent a link to confirm your attendance in Mid-January to ensure accurate attendee numbers. We are also looking into a few positional camps leading up to the below dates. However, things are very ‘fluid’ and will adapt to the guidelines of SHA.


These camps have been created to provide you an opportunity to work with our veteran players and coaching staff, as we believe this is part of making an educated decision regarding where you play post-secondary football. It is also a good time for our coaches to evaluate you as player and decide who will be invited to our Invite Only Spring Camp. All players that are graduating from High School and/or are under the age of 22 are all eligible to attend if you are coachable and love the game of football (plus you register).


Practices will take place on:

Jan 23rd – 1:30pm to 4pm (Registration - 10 minutes prior too)

Feb 27th – 1:30pm to 4pm (Registration - 10 minutes prior too)

March 6th – 1:30pm to 4pm (Registration - 10 minutes prior too)

April 17th – 1:30pm to 4pm (Registration - 10 minutes prior too)

Locations – Moose Jaw Indoor Soccer Facility – YARA CENTRE - Moose Jaw



You only need to bring shoulder pads, a jersey, a mouth guard, a helmet and cleats (shorts or sweat pants are recommended). Those on offense will need to bring a light coloured jersey and those on defense are asked to bring a dark coloured jersey as these will not be provided to you. If you are unsure what side of the ball you will participate in the camps – please bring a light and dark jersey.


Our Indoor practises will focus on improving your skill work. So expect about 60 to 75 minutes of individual skill time, 15 minutes of one on ones and 30 minutes of Pass Skelly / Run Game. This is all dependent on SHA’s rules and regulations during the camp timeframes.


There will be a $20 fee at each indoor camp you attend. Lastly make sure you have sent in your personal information through our recruit contact page at Regina Thunder Recruits 2020 & Beyond


If you have any further questions please contact:


Scott MacAulay

Head Coach / Regina Thunder Football Club